What Does Your Sleeping Position Say About You?

What Does Your Sleeping Position Say About You?

We spend so much of our time in the bedroom so that our bodies can relax and reboot. From our previous articles, we learned that the way we sleep may impact our health and sleep quality but, what does your sleep position say about you? It may be hard to believe but your sleep position can say a lot about your personality.

Many sleepers shift sleeping positions throughout the night, however when it comes to the position you sleep in, the one that you favor says the most. This is because the way in which we sleep is something we do while we are unconscious, making it the most honest expression of our inner selves. Read on to find out what kind of sleeper you are and what it may say about you!

Side Sleeping

“Log Roller”

The Log Roller position is where the sleeper may rest on their side with their legs extended straight and their arms straight in position as well. Though this is a fairly rigid sleeping position, a sleeper like this is quite the opposite. The log sleeper is typically someone social and easy-going. They may chat with all kinds of people but typically prefer running with an A-list group. Because they are more trusting, outsiders often see log sleepers are gullible.

“The Yearner”

The Yearner position is an offshoot of the log position. The sleeper rests on their sides but with their arms stretched out in front of them or one arm under a pillow. Studies have shown that someone who sleeps like this is typically inviting, warm, and open. They may be suspicious of new friends or people in general. They are slow and deliberate when they need to make a decision however, when the decision is made, they are set.  The person who sleeps in this position may make a good and reliable friend.

Back Sleeping

“The Soldier”

The Soldier position is when person sleeps on their back with their arms straight down at their side. They live up to their name! They are often strong, silent, and focused people. They enjoy structure and tent to take themselves seriously. They often have high expectations for themselves and those around them. This is one of the best sleeping positions as it relieves the most pressure from the neck and back.

“The Shooting Star”

The shooting star position is similar to the soldier and it the least popular sleep style. The shooting star lies on their backs with both their arms and legs stretched out around them. They often love to be supportive, making a very loyal friend. These sleepers are unque people and often make their relationships a priority.

Stomach Sleeper


The skydiver is someone who sleeps on their stomach, head to one side, with arms wrapped around a pillow. They are often playful and open people. They are direct in what they want or need. They may seem free-spirited but often skydiver sleepers can be anxious and crave control

in their life.

“The Baby”

The baby is similar to the fetal position is when the person sleeps on their side with their legs curled underneath them. They may often touch their stomachs to the bed. Those who sleep most often in this position can be described as having a hard shell, tough on the outside and a big softie on the inside. They may be shy when you first meet them but, they will certainly open up and relax quickly.

So, what does your sleeping position say about you? Did you learn anything about the way you sleep in relation to your personality? There is no right or wrong way to sleep. Just remember to sleep in a way that’s comfortable for you and if it’s causing you pain, be sure to make an appointment with your doctor who may be able to make suggestions for alternative sleep positions.