Three Day Sleep Binge: Reset. Reboost. Recharge.


Did you know that sleeping in over the course of just three days can actually help you “catch up” on sleep? We know that weekends are the ideal time to catch up some Z’s but many don’t always have the time. Afterall, those chores we avoid Monday through Friday suddenly seem impossible to ignore by the time Saturday morning rolls around. By adding just a few hours each morning, you’ll be able to get your sleep cycle back on track. Keep reading to see our best weekend sleep binge tips!

For just one weekend, keep it lowkey. As tempting as it may be to go out and party into the wee hours of Saturday morning, aim to be in bed by 11pm on Friday night. When Saturday morning arrives, sleep in until 10am. As you go about your Saturday, keep is stress free! Don’t check your emails or think too much about work and all the busy things to come in the following week. If you can, try and hit the gym or get yourself geared up for some light activity. Exercising and getting your heart rate pumping will help you feel more energized throughout the day. Is your space cluttered? Clean your bedroom. A messy room or home can allow you to feel more stressed and anxious. When your day is done, head to bed at 11pm.

When Sunday hits, wake up at 8am. By now, you’ve already earned some extra hours of sleep so hopefully you’re feeling more energetic. Today, focus on eating well. Limit your caffeine and try to eat foods that fight fatigue. Some of those food might include whole fruits, nuts, and sweet potatoes. There are other high protein snacks like trail mix and jerky that are another good route to go. If you have time, meal plan for the week. Try to set the rest of your week up for success by preparing healthy lunches so you don’t have to eat out, consuming less than ideal foods that might encourage fatigue and sluggishness. Don’t forget to stretch or go for a walk to get your heart rate up a little bit. Not only will this give you a boost but, it will help you relieve stress and anxiety. Try to get to sleep at 11pm today.  

Good Morning, Monday! Wake up today at 6am or 7am, depending on when you need to wake up for work. If you’re still feeling sleepy, hop out of bed and make yourself a cup of coffee or tea. Don’t forget to eat breakfast- or any other meals for that matter. Skipping meals can you leave you feeling exhausted and groggy. Stick to the meal plan you just made and stay fueled to achieve all your goals this week. Go for a lighter lunch to avoid that sluggish 2pm feeling that happens when you’ve eaten too much at lunch. Try going for an afternoon walk or getting a little workout in. Working out regularly is a good way to keep your body in check and in a routine. Once again, get to bed around 11pm. If this Monday was particularly rough for you, get to bed a little bit earlier.

 There are several other tips and tricks we’ve compiled to help you get to sleep faster. Be sure to check them out on our main blog page.