Bedroom Colors and Sleep

Did you know that paint color and just about every color in your bedroom may be impacting your sleep? Whether that’s for the better or worse, keep reading to find out. The color of the bedroom walls themselves not only have an impact on the look of the space, but it can also affect the way your bedroom makes you feel. There are two color groups that people often thing of; cool colors, which bring you into yourself and warm colors, which are typically more stimulating and promote more communication and creativity.

 For creating a calm and peaceful bedroom space, cool colors are the best to choose from. But which cool color is the best? According to a survey by Travelodge, people who slept in a blue room got the best night’s sleep averaging approximately 8 hours per night. A mossy green, pale yellow, and light grey were close contenders with the blue.

As far as least restful room colors, purple ranks top, with participants from the survey averaging about 6 hours of sleep per night. Sterile whites and traditional primary colors, like red, should also be avoided for the best sleep. When possible, opt for a flat finish instead of glossy. When you’re choosing the color of your bedroom, feel free to keep this sleep science in mind but, don’t be afraid to opt for a calm color variation of your choice. For example, if green is your personal favorite color that sparks tremendous joy, opt for a calming shade of green instead of that sky blue we mentioned earlier.

What about your bed sheets and comforter? The most popular colors for bed sheets include white, ivory, beige, or light brown. These neutral colors lend themselves well to just about any design without causing too much of an eyesore. While blue is one of the most soothing colors for sleep, there are brighter colors and other colors that rank well. Pale yellow is a nice color as it promotes a healthy nervous system, while overall soothing the nerves. Those who sleep in yellow tinted environments tend to wake up happier and more refreshed. Green is also a natural earth-toned color is soothing and quieting to the soul. Another surprising bedsheet color is grey or silver. It’s a cool nighttime color that may reflect the stars. While it is a popular choice mostly amongst men, it doesn’t always work well for women or couples.

There are many options to choose when picking the bedding and room color. At the end of the day, choose a color palette that makes you happy. Opt for lighter variations and try to stay away from incredibly bright or sterile colors. What color are your bed sheets? Think about it and reflect on whether they work well for you.